Documentation and help information for the CLI version of OSCDL by dhtdht020.

1.2.11 - Build 320


  • This release is the first to include the rewritten CLI mode. This rewrite of CLI mode is incompatible with older versions, and behaves differently. It is currently a beta and includes a partial feature set.
  • This version is NOT COMPATIBLE at all with pre-rewrite versions.


  • Added show command.
  • Added hosts command.
  • Added send command.
  • Removed list command.
  • Removed query command. the new show command replaces it.
  • Removed get-all command, the new get all command replicates its behavior.
  • Removed get-list command. Installation lists functionality will be readded in the future.
  • Removed meta command.
  • Removed repo-list command. the new hosts command replaces it.
  • Removed export command.
  • Removed update command.
  • Removed transmit command, the new send command replaces it.
  • Changed usage of the get command.


usage: osc-dl [-h] {get,send,show,hosts} ...
Open Shop Channel Downloader v1.2.11 Stable
The following commands are available:
get Download application.
send Send application to Wii.
show Show information about an application.
hosts List available hosts.
The following options are available:
-h, --help Displays an help screen like this one.
OSCDL, Open Source Software by dhtdht020.
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