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This endpoint retrieves all applications / packages in the specified host.

Path Parameters




Host to use (e.g. primary, themes). For info about hosts, scroll down to the Hosts section.

    "category": "demos", 
    "coder": "mjbauer95", 
    "contributors": "", 
    "controllers": "w", 
    "display_name": "Libmii Example", 
    "package_type": "dol", 
    "downloads": 0, 
    "extracted": 232449, 
    "internal_name": "libmii-example", 
    "long_description": "An example of libmii. It shows each Mii entry as a name.", 
    "rating": "", 
    "release_date": 1237611600, 
    "short_description": "Example of libmii", 
    "updated": 1237611600, 
    "version": "0.1alpha", 
    "zip_size": 115725
    "category": "demos", 
    "coder": "Owe", 
    "contributors": "", 
    "controllers": "w", 
    "display_name": "Newo Sky", 
    "package_type": "dol", 
    "downloads": 0, 
    "extracted": 3007113, 
    "internal_name": "newosky", 
    "long_description": "Procedurally generated landscape and walking simulator demo", 
    "rating": "", 
    "release_date": 1508648400, 
    "short_description": "Procgen walking simulator", 
    "updated": 1508648400, 
    "version": "1.1", 
    "zip_size": 2052706

For the time being, packages will always return 0 downloads and no rating. This will be changed in the future.

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