"peripherals": ["Wii Remote", "Wii Remote", "GameCube Controller"]

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These are the peripheral types currently supported by Open Shop Channel.

PeripheralJSON Value

Wii Remote

"Wii Remote"

Up to four can be included in the list. Example: ["Wii Remote", "Wii Remote", "GameCube Controller"] means the app supports up to two Wii Remotes and a GameCube Controller.

GameCube Controller

"GameCube Controller"



Classic Controller

"Classic Controller"

SDHC Support


This is not really a peripheral, but it indicates support for SDHC cards to the Homebrew Browser.

USB Keyboard

"USB Keyboard"

USB Keyboards are supported. Not displayed on Homebrew Browser.

Wii Zapper

"Wii Zapper"

Wii Zapper is supported. Not displayed on Homebrew Browser.


    "information": {
        "peripherals": ["Wii Remote", "Nunchuk", "Classic Controller", "GameCube Controller", "SDHC"],

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