A family of objects for interacting with titles and servers

EC, short for ECommerce, is understandably the most crucial part of the Wii Shop Channel. As such, its family of functions and objects comprise most of the JS API and binary within, separated across many separate mechanics. Each object available is listed below.

While every object can be instantiated by itself, data available populated within the majority objects - such as ECDeviceInfo or ECProgress - will only be present when returned from a function in ECommerceInterface. Ensure you read the object's respective documentation for the correct way to utilize one.



These objects provide general functionality for all of the EC interface.


Payment-related objects provide multiple source of payments - via credit cards, "ECards" (known as a Wii Points Card officially) or the existing account balance. It's additionally possible to work with information about an existing transaction.


Title-related objects provide functionality for querying title information, ticket information, and title limit information.

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