If you have a balance already available on account - say, Points - you can utilize ECAccountPayment. This allows specification of account information, or utilizes the registered copy on device.


If no constructors are specified, payment will be sourced from the device's configured account ID and device token within ec.cfg.

var payment = new ECAccountPayment();

You may also specify the account ID and token, overriding the device's values:

var payment = new ECAccountPayment('123456789', 'aphei7au1ceu8Wei2eec0');

Lastly, you may also only specify the account ID. However, this will authenticate with an empty device token, and purchases should be expected to fail.


All properties may be retrieved and set. However, if not specified from the constructor, these values will be empty. Population of the configured account ID and token will only take place while formulating SOAP requests.

Property NameDiscussion

The account ID to utilize.


The device token to utilize.

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