If you want to query transaction info, you utilize an ECTransactionInfo object. You likely do not want to instantiate one yourself, instead retrieving transactions from the server via ECommerceInterface:

var infos = ec.getTransactionInfos();

// Ensure you check infos.length. In this example, we do not.
var info = infos.get(0);


This array is considered immutable, and cannot be modified. Properties may only be retrieved.

Property NameDiscussion

The ID of this transaction.

A UNIX timestamp representing when this transaction occurred.


A string representing its type, such as PURCHGAME. It is unknown what types are available, as the client and frontend do not appear to check this field.


ECTransactionInfos manages multiple of an ECTransactionInfo. It is regarded as immutable.

var infos = ec.getTransactionInfos();


Property NameDiscussion


Returns the amount of available transactions in this array.


Retrieves the ECTransactionInfo at the given index.


This array is considered immutable. Despite it existing, attempting to call or access this property results in an error.

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